Ideas for counter space in kitchen

Ideas for counter space in kitchen

Countertop space is one of the most precious space for our kitchen. With so many functions to perform on so many different devices, it can get cluttered pretty easily if not well managed.  Fortunately, there are many tricks and ideas for counter space in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of them shall […]

exterior design lessons

Exterior design lessons

We all wish for a house that stands out among the rest, but we also want it to blend in with the surrounding buildings and the environment.  Exterior design is a bit complicated where the materials, line, and shapes of structural constructions have to be carefully chosen. Some key points have to be followed to […]

home furnishing ideas

Home furnishsing ideas

Furniture is the basic need of every house and choosing the right one can make your abode warm and appealing. Home furnishing is a great opportunity to make your home a true reflection of yourself.  Some planning and creativity is all it takes to furnish a complete home. Choosing the right furniture for your home […]

bedroom decor ideas

Bedroom decor tips

Incorporate different colour combinations into throw pillows, bedding, accents and walls. An extra large black and white piece of artwork or photograph makes the room feel glamorous and modern. There are no rules while decorating, think outside the box and avoid matching too much. Green is an earthy colour that is not only tranquil, but […]