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When people talk about home decor, it is usually with regards to the visual element of the place. It can be in terms of a type of theme or colors. However, sound is also an important part of a home. Specifically, you do not want a home that is noisy and can affect even your sleep. To help you with this, we have come up with a list of sound proofing tips for your apartment. We focus on apartments rather than homes because the effects of loud noises can be more damaging in a small place and to people beyond you and your family i.e. your neighbors.


#1:  Use sound absorbing paint

Most noises from a home comes from the entertainment devices which is either your TV, game consoles or sound systems. If they are used in the living room, then it is pretty difficult to block the noise since it is pretty much in the open. In such cases, you can try using sound absorbing paint that can reduce the noise level although it can’t totally eliminate it.

An alternative to this is sound absorbing wallpaper. I am not too sure which option gives you the best result but this is a subject I am going to do a lot of research on and hopefully share the results here.


#2: Have a entertainment room and sound proof it according

A better approach to the problem in #1 is to isolate the sound to a single room. Under this scenario, you can then try more serious insulation methods such as using foam to line the walls. There are many sound blocking foams that are effective at breaking up the sound waves and bring your entertainment noise to an absolute minimum.

You can also carpet the room as it has the ability to absorb sounds. The larger the carpet area, the less noisy the room will be.


#3: Treadmill can be quiet

For the more active folks who like to run on the treadmill, you might want to take note of this. Running on treadmill is noisy, especially to the people below your apartment. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can do here. One is to buy a sound absorbing treadmill mat. Such mats reduce both the vibrations and the sound when you run on the machine and is very ideal especially when you are running at hours such early mornings or at nights.

Another way is to buy a quiet treadmill model. Currently, the most quiet model I know of is the Smooth 800 treadmill. Unfortunately, even the quietest treadmill produces around 70 db of noise. To those who are not aware, this is louder than your normal office conversation volume so you can imagine it can be quite disturbing. Still, it is better than buying a treadmill that produces much higher db.


#4: Select the right curtains

Curtains are more than just merely decorations. Some have blackout capabilities that can ensure no sunlight penetrates the room for a night for good sleep. Another type of curtains is called the sound proof curtains which have the abilities to reduce noise via their noise absorption materials. Some folks called them noise cancelling but that is not quite right since they cannot cancel off the noise.

The best kind of noise reducing curtains are those made of thick long velvet. Such curtains are already being used in music rooms and recording studios because it has been proven that they are good at sound absorbing. Next time you walked such places, take a look and see for yourself.


#5: Buy double graze window panels

If your apartment is near noisy roads, then having double graze windows can go a long way in reducing the noise. How they work is this: sound waves can be broken up when they resonate differently. This can be accomplish via the double craze due to the different thickness within each one. As sound travel through the different thickness, they have to bend different and that reduces the noise noticeably.

For the folks who really want extremely quiet rooms, you can even think about triple gazed windows. They work the same way as double glaze but more powerful!


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