bedroom decor ideas

Incorporate different colour combinations into throw pillows, bedding, accents and walls. An extra large black and white piece of artwork or photograph makes the room feel glamorous and modern. There are no rules while decorating, think outside the box and avoid matching too much.

Green is an earthy colour that is not only tranquil, but also evokes nature and inspires contemplation. When paired with white furniture, it can be a serene choice for bedroom styling. Concentrate on colour, as long as your colours coordinate, you can match different styles and pattern for bedding and blanket. Faux fur throws and pillows may inspire more than snuggling.

Placing a mirror at the right place can make the room feel bigger. Make sure you don’t put it facing the foot of the bed as it will reflect back bad energy. Windows drain away your energy at night so it’s better to have a solid wall bedroom that protects you and keeps you strong.

Flower designs work well in a particularly neutral room, where they bring energy and colour. Gravitate towards bold and oversize floral blankets or add a pair of floral throw pillows to your bed.

Crisp white walls and simple lanterns coupled with a dark wood floor give a gorgeous look to a bedroom. Try different shades for hanging lanterns and floor pillows as they give the bedroom an eclectic flair.  Orange is a risky colour for bedrooms, but if you’re still drawn towards it, orange goes well with gold and red accents. Modern prints can make the room feel better.

Research says that it’s nice to put a desk in the bedroom. You’ll worry about paying the bills or answering emails, rather than dozing off for the night. Its okay if your dresser and bed aren’t of the same colour wood, designers say it makes a room more interesting.

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