exterior design lessons

We all wish for a house that stands out among the rest, but we also want it to blend in with the surrounding buildings and the environment.  Exterior design is a bit complicated where the materials, line, and shapes of structural constructions have to be carefully chosen. Some key points have to be followed to make better decisions in designing the right exterior.

Materials and Textures

With several options available, it is really difficult to choose the perfect materials for your walls. The best option is to go with your personality. Choose one that fits you. If you like it more stoned, go for  cedar shingles and tumbled stone. If you prefer it to be minimal, chooselines of sleek steel or simple wood planes.


Colors are very important when it comes to exterior design.  When choosing a color, take into the consideration that the effect the lighting will have.  Buy a sample, before committing to it and test areas throughout the room.  Evaluate the colors in morning, evening and night light.  Play with different colors to get that perfect design. Use neutral colors for the living rooms and bold colors to differentiate between other rooms.  Paint light colors like blue and white on the top, and darker colors like black and gray on the bottom to make your house look taller, do the vice versa to make it look smaller. Likewise, there are so many ways to trick the eye with different color combinations.

The Entryway

What’s the first thing someone looks at when they see your house? That’s right, it’s the entryway. Make the doorway brighter so that your house gets a bold feel which exudes a warm welcome to the people who enter.  Add storage solutions, coat hangers, and boxes for house keys to make the entryway more productive.


Landscaping is very much essential as it gives you a natural feel. It is difficult to know what plants to use for landscape. Hire a Greenhouse staff near you and find out what works best  for your house. Remember, patience is a must when it comes to landscaping. So, wait for some time to get the green grass growing.

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