Ideas for counter space in kitchen

Countertop space is one of the most precious space for our kitchen. With so many functions to perform on so many different devices, it can get cluttered pretty easily if not well managed.¬† Fortunately, there are many tricks and ideas for counter space in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of them shall we?


#1: Wall mount everything!

The easiest way to clear space is to wall mount the current appliances that are on your countertop. This in turn can be done in two ways. One is to wall mount a rack that can act as a holder for things such as cutting board, cups and even your countertop reverse osmosis system. See below picture for a mental image of how it can look:

wall mounted rack for kitchen


Another way is to buy only appliances that can be wall mounted. An interesting example is the coffee machine. You don’t think coffee machines can be wall mounted but there is now a new category of such appliances called under counter coffee makers. These machines are mounted under the counter and allows you to make coffee without taking a single inch of your countertop space. See how cool it looks in the image below:

under counter coffee maker


#2: Make use of under counter space

Besides the wall, another under used space is the under counter or under sink. To make full use of this space, you are wall mount some organizational storage units to create more storage along  the wall of the under counter area. For example, you can mount a paper bag hold on the door of the under sink area and used it to store all the plastic bags for reuse. Alternatively how about another wall rack to hold more things like dishes and such. All these will help to free up more space at the countertop.


#3: Extend the countertop area

There are those extendable island or cart that you can attach to your current counter top. Most of these extensions can be stored away when not in use so they are very flexible in usage. With an extended area, it is easier to place all the necessary appliances in one place when cooking, instead of having to use and keep one appliance after another just because you ran out of space.

An alternative idea to the extendable island is to wall mount a small drop left table opposite of the counter area. In this way, you can use the table as extra space when you are cooking. Best of all, the drop left table can double up as a small dining table for 2 in the kitchen.


#4: Move big appliances off the countertop

We have talked about wall mounting small utensils and devices to space up some space. How about big appliances that take up a lot of counter space such as microwave oven? This takes a bit of creativity. For one, you can consider a wall mounted shelf that is strong enough to hold these heavy appliances. Another option is to look for kitchen cabinets that can double up as both storage and a place for heavy appliances. Finally, explore the under sink area as well to see if there is any available space to store the appliances.



With these 4 handy ideas, it is easy to free up more counter space.


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