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Mixing vintage and modern art gives a great feel. Vintage sofa’s with modern art tables gives a great aura. Ceiling beams can visually divide and define a room with a large open space. A neutral-toned sofa and an armchair can appear as a mix of formal, bold, and contemporarystyling with a touch of tradition. Using unexpected colours and by playing with the scales, a classic foot print can be established.

Collection of artistic pieces can be given a museum-worthy treatment by hanging them on a single wall together. Instead of keeping the furniture near the walls, pull them away towards the centre of the hall to enable a free traffic flow. This type of arrangement is known as ‘floating furniture plan’.

Use unexpected materials, like a chimney built with a stone. Use a faux chimney setup thatgives your room a focal point.  Replace solid exterior door with glass panels to boost your natural lighting for an airy feel. Keep a file of inspiring samples and photos in a bag until you find the right home to settle down. Later you can hang them. Casual hand touch finishes gives a comfortable feeling for a young family or a one with visiting children.

Decorate your living room with memories that make you feel nostalgic. Bright colours and strong textures add an energetic feel to an otherwise neutral space without overwhelming the area.  A patterned carpet is forgiving for spills and dusty feet. By putting up a painting above the fireplace that can be rolled along a metal track conceals your TV.

Update your living room with a new accessory each season just as you would do for your wardrobe. Giving a metal touch to the elements like the legs of the coffee table, fireplace andirons, and scrolling mirrors  would give the room a cool sophisticated air.

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